Sunday, 2 March 2014

Flight madness

It's the small details that make all the difference in life they say. So if your not allowed on the flight for some reason they should obviously let you know beforehand. Air Italia have a little unnoted rule where unless you have a booked ticket out of Brazil they will not let you on the flight to Brazil. Its not just me that has been caught out, the couple in front of me were caught out and the couple behind, they showed booked accommodation in Argentina, however it has to be a plane or bus ticket leaving Brazil. Cue 30 minutes of stressed calls and texts to my family as I cannot get on the free WiFi. So right now I have a flight from Rio to Paraguay on the 14th, the whole thing seems to be airline specific, so I won't be going Air Italia again anytime soon. UPDATE Brazilian passport control just wanted to know I was leaving by bus GRRRRR

So at least I'm on the plane now, tons of time to myself. I had William, my brother shave my head and I feel more bald than normal on a plane full of Italians who seem to never lose their hair. There is a group of pensioners two rows in front and each one has a full head of greying hair, maybe they dye it but they definitely have hair. Another side effect is that everyone seems to have identified me as an Englishman, I've been on a few long haul flights but normally the air stewards say hello, goodbye in their native language, not for me straight to English, as thou shaving my head is quintessential English or I have a stamp on my forehead at least I have space for it now.

Arrived ahead of schedule and got to the hostel really early, so heading out for a street party ahead of carnival, it's only 10 in the morning.....hahahahaha